About us

In a time when education innovation is paramount, LearnTech Solutions was built to offer educators and administrators new set of tools for a modern and sophisticated learning environment. By providing technology and curriculum solutions in the GCC market, LearnTech Solutions works with individual schools and stakeholders to deliver the resources that will drive a new generation of students toward success. We specialize in providing not only hardware and digital learning equipment, but also in augmenting these with curriculums and making learning systems more effective
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Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z offers thoughtfully designed literacy-focused resources and tools designed in accordance to research-based best practices and leveled to meet the needs of all students. Our products have received countless awards, accolades, and positive reviews from outside education organizations and educators across the globe. Proven to be an effective resource for personalizing instruction, strengthening students’ expanded literacy skills, and boosting test scores, our products make teaching more effective and instill the skills students need to shine.



Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that enables young and old to create and build working robots from almost anything. It transforms house hold objects such as plastic bottles and old CDs,wooden spoons or cardboard in to unique,imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill. As they delight in making new shapes come alive,kids will learn the core STEAM concepts of analytical thinking,problem solving,prototyping, lateral thinking and building.



FUNecole® is an end-to-end, blended learning solution for ICT, computing, critical-thinking, entrepreneurial and social skills development in primary education.
FUNecole® Creative Learning is an educational solution developed by Digipro aiming to foster the transformation of primary school education using disruptive, innovative and ICT-rich learning curricula for global collaboration and social cohesion.


Learntron platform makes Tablet learning in classroom effective and accountable by providing engaging features that makes learning fun and collaborative.

Learntron is device and laanguage-agnostic and can be deployed in cost effective manner either on cloud or in-premise architecture supported by comprehensive teacher training on tablet-learning pedagogies